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Resonance, that trendy term everyone in the mental health world is using. But, what does it actually mean?

Resonance means, “to vibrate with”. It is the principle of all change because it underpins how energy moves from one person or system to another, and how under certain conditions energy emerges as form. On the contrary, dissonance is associated with memorized fears, traumatic events, anxieties and judgments about oneself.

How can we consciously transition from dissonance to resonance? Awareness is the answer. It sounds simple but it is not. Most of the time we are not even aware of how events, conversations, thoughts can affect us. Bringing awareness will allow us to consciously move from one to the other.

During our workshop, we will dissect both concepts from different perspectives. The goal is not only to tell you the differences between the two but to ultimately help you feel and be aware when you are in resonance and when you are not.

Allow your body and emotions to be your indicators and let your brain recognize those signs.

Prepare yourself for an inner trip to explore the confines of your most opposite emotions!

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