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With my coaching & Consulting
i accompany NGOs and Aid Workers
maximizing the impact they make in the world.

Save yourself. Save your team. Save the World.

With 10+ years of experience with humanitarian projects, Sabrina Prioli is a certified professional Co-Active coach that helps Aid Workers and NGOs to prevent burnout and develop leadership methods, so that people can feel empowered and bring humanitarian projects closer to their goals.

Accepting that you are suffering from burnout is not a sign of weakness or a lack ability.

The phenomenon is not uncommon among those who work in the human rights and humanitarian sector, who are driven to help others, working in challenging and exhausting environments, often neglecting their own well-being in the process.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Sabrina helps aid workers prevent burnout, achieve goals and feel empowered.

  • Physical & Emotional Exhaustion

  • Cynicism & Detachment 

  • Lack of Satisfaction

  • Lack of Role Clarity

  • Lack of Accomplishment

  • Activity Accumulation Distress 

  • Low Engagement

  • Lack of Mission & Vision Clarity

  • Lack of Authority

  • Decision Build-up Distress

  • Isolation

  • Loss of Professional Purpose


Live your mission and help solve big challenges

Move from being in fear to being fierce in action

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Aid workers face a lot of challenges, and burnout is a common issue that can put their career at risk.
The Burnout Prevention Method accompanies aid workers in difficult fields to feel empowered, fiercely taking care of themselves and others, connecting with the purpose of life, building up muscles of mental fitness responding to life challenges with positive rather than a negative mindset

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My Leadership Methodology accompanies humanitarian Leaders to build self-awareness, self-authority, healthy relationships and peak performances. Taking responsibility for themselves and for the world.

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My Purpose-driven Methodology accompanies people to be empowered in humanitarian projects, solving conflicts and making the group stronger. It accompanies humanitarian organizations to leverage their teams' creativity and skills in order to accomplish their goals and achieve a deeper impact in the world.

Helping people is your mission. Helping you is mine.

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Contatto Humanitarian

Sabrina prioli

Professional Coach CoActive®


Mental Health First Aider MHFA®

L'Aquila, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mobile/Whatsapp +393461890129


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Get more energy for your challenges.
And save money for your organization.
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I am Sabrina.


I'm a Professional Coach, Consultant and Mental Health First Aider.

I worked for years as an aid worker and a consultant for important humanitarian projects. During a mission, I was the victim of a brutal assault. I experienced the effects of PTSD and through EMDR therapy and Coaching I was able to heal. That's why I decided to become a Coach myself: to accompany NGOs and Aid workers in maximizing the impact they make in the world, avoiding Burnout and building Purpose-Driven Leadership.

You can still change your story. Let's do it together!

- Sabrina has been recognized as one of the Top Life Coach by Coach Foundation -

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